EVENTURE specializes in congress, scientific event, educative seminar, web event and business event management , taking on every single aspect of the organizing process , from the beginning of the program planning to their successful execution.

Congress and scientific event implementation are considered a great responsibility and also a challenging venture for us. The process includes:

  • preparation to perfection
  • suitable advertising
  • flawless execution
  • Achievement of multifarious & individual goals

Our experienced and specialized team will listen to your demands carefully and will offer a complete suggestion and solution package in order to make sure that your event will be featured as a crucial scientific incident , according to the goals that you have established. We are capable of functioning either individually with full responsibility or as a continuation of a different organizer(Taking over follow-up duties).


Experience on the field

The great experience of our executives in combination with deep knowledge on the subject are completely capable of covering for your needs and demands and guarantee for the planning of quality and successful scientific events, congresses, educational & educative seminars.

The Right approach

Our approach in managing any kind of business activity begins from understanding the special needs this approach handles and the goals it has established. In doing so, we are capable of acting methodically to manage your events with the best way possible , satisfying your every expectation.

Innovative ideas

We always suggest ideal establishments or venues making use of contemporary technologies and audiovisual means. Simultaneously, we apply innovative ideas and alternatives , in order to maximize the impact of the event or the organizer’s business activities.

«You can accomplish whatever you want ,
If you dream it with passion,
If you fight for it with passion,
If you create it with power!»

Katerina is a graduate of the department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of the University “Leeds” and the holder of a master’s degree title MSc in Toxicology from the “Surrey” University in England. She also studied Business management (MBA) at “Nottingham Trend Business School” University in Nottingham England and continued her studies with a scholarship in Public Relations at “City” University of London. She is the holder of a studies title (diploma) in Digital Marketing & Social Media. Combining her educational background in the field of Biomedical sciences with her knowledge in Communication and Public Relations, she worked for years in multiple Marketing and Sales business units of Multinational corporations that specialize in the field of Medical Technological devices, taking on positions of strategic importance.

Firmly believing though that the time that has passed is sometimes an ally for professional dreams…… and because she has read the signs , and has decoded the messages that her body and soul have been sending her…….. and because she listened carefully all the advices of her loved ones , that it’s never too late to make your dreams come true!… and because she found people in her life, willing to share this dream with her, to create, to evolve, to attempt, to venture…

The decision was made….and so EVENTURE was created with lots and lots of love (venture=daring)

She says: “All this change has brought me to deal with unprecedented feelings, experiences and powers! That’s why I am welcoming the change with faith, passion and joy and considering it her as a chance for Self-discovery, Evolution & Fulfillment.”

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” (C.S. Lewis)

Moira graduated from the Classic Literature Department of the Sorbonne University in Paris, with a degree in Comparative Literature with emphasis in Greek Popular Songs (1997). Then, she acquired a master’s degree (DEA) in Tales (1998). During that period, she was employed by RIFF Productions, producer of televised programs (October 1999- June 2000). From October 2000 to June 2001, she took a postgraduate degree in Marketing Management at the ICHEC in Brussels. At the same time, the European Commission hired me to work as an Administrative Assistant on a fixed term contract (October 2000 – December 2001). At the end of my contract, she was offered to return to Greece as head of the Communications and Public Relations department for SELPE (the Hellenic Retail Business Association) and afterwards, for two years, as a Project Coordinator at AC&C INTERNATIONAL SA (Congress Management and organization). Since 2005 and for fifteen years she worked at MASTERMIND S.A.
(a Professional Congress Organizer) and held the position of Project and since 2010 of Congress Manager. Recently she joined a fresh, startup PCO named EVENTURE – event planning and education and she holds the position of Project & Event Manager.