Web Services

Every business that wants to stand out in its business field, should use all means that she has at its disposal. Right and punctual preparation in combination with prudence, are the keys to accomplish sustainability and evolution. Versatility in contemporary challenges and adaptability in rapid changes, offer a significant head- start for businesses to develop and be designated as the leading companies of their industry. Internet and audiovisual expedients are most useful tools that provide the business the opportunity to succeed. By choosing to utilize tools and web services, we handle a part of the public which we would not have the chance to reach otherwise. That way we increase our brand’s recognition. Additionally, with these means we expand our communication capabilities with the current audience.

Knowing how essential the use of new technologies in a business is, EVENTURE provides high quality Web Services. Having a specialized team of business partners, we take on projects that range from webinar and virtual conference organizing to broadcast productions developing. Using the most technologically evolved audiovisual means, is our way to make you shine out. Bearing in mind, your theme and your target audience , we plan together, in order for you not only to achieve the desirable outcome but also go beyond your expectations and exceed all your goals in every occasion.

For your business to choose the most suitable team which they trust to create the web services that you offer is critically important. Only by matching your special needs, thorough planning and the most contemporary technological tools , will you achieve the best results possible.

Our web services also offer the opportunity for Live Streaming (Live broadcasting of a seminar/congress). In the occasion of broadcast productions, we can add specialized tools such as live polls or maybe a “Green screen” according to the demands of the event program. Eventure as a pioneer company in her business sector, offers innovative , beneficial and qualitative solutions for a wide variety of services regarding:

  • Webinars
  • Virtual/Web Congresses
  • Virtual events & educational programs
  • Broadcasting productions
  • Web Scientific events