Organizing of educational events

Eventure is one of the most contemporary and one of the pioneer companies in the field, that operates in organizing of educational events, meetings, and seminars. With consistency and professionalism, we take on the organizing process for your events which will help you, designate you work.

Knowing the great and intertemporal importance of education, we always aim for the best results, so that the trainees benefit as much as possible. That is why, according to the subject and the goals of every sector or business, we make sure to offer services that go beyond the expectations of our clients. With cautious planning, innovative ideas, management support where needed and development of a communication strategy, you savor complete and guaranteed successful results. Our goal for your event to become an unforgettable experience for the participants.

Every business has its own needs according to its size, to the audience that is addressing to, and the demands of its business field. Eventure is here for you to help you, make your dreams come true, solidify your position in your business field and designate your potential. The exceedance of your own goals is our only way to success.

Usually the setup of a seminar or the development of an educational program is crucially important for the evolution of a business. Our specialized team, with their multiannual experience in the field is considered the most appropriate choice for planning and managing, demanding projects with multiple goals. Versatility, adaptability, deep knowledge on the subject and the market with the use of contemporary technological means, are only a few of the aspects that ensure your success. Our basic principles are personalized approach and detailed planning. With great sense of responsibility towards you and your clients, we suggest profitable and attractive service packages. Our services refer to development and implementation for:

  • Meetings
  • Webinars
  • Clinical tutoring
  • Educative seminars- Workshops
  • Personalized incentive programs
  • Educational programs