Eventique Wellness Corporate Programs

Health and physical wellness in the workplace
“Heartiness by Eventure”

The program was created so that a complete wellness business culture will be established for the well-being of the employees in the workplace. Eventure working with Dr. Anna Papageorgiou, Clinic Dietician-Nutritionist & physical education professor and other well-known scientists who work in health and physical wellness departments, offers an innovative and pioneering program for businesses. The effect of the program strives for the adaptation of a healthier lifestyle using a holistic approach. Bases of the program are, physical and emotional support that are managed with education and guiding in important sectors such as :

  • Nutritional habits
  • Exercise and body reinforcement
  • Sleeping quality improvement
  • Stress and emotion management

What exactly are Wellness Corporate Programs – Company’s Wellness Programs

In our contemporary society, people tend to spend most of their lives in their working space. In contrast to older generations, that the main occupation had to do with manual labor , daily working life has changed nowadays.  Usually contemporary working life includes sedentary business hours, exposure to screens of computers/mobile devices, bad nutritional habits and no exercise. As a result, health problems appear in a great percentage of the world’s population which became a burden to their quality of life and their working efficiency .Wellness corporate programs aim at the prevention of illnesses and also at managing chronic diseases by adopting new healthier habits.

What is the importance of Health and physical wellness programs?

Workers spend daily more that 50% of their energy at their workplace. Therefore, the workplace is the most appropriate spot for training and creating a balanced lifestyle. Lack of physical exercise, stressful working conditions, and unhealthy nutrition form hindrances in the development of a harmonic life. Researches from famous universities have shown that wellness programs bring in huge long-term benefits for businesses which practically rise at a percentage that is higher than three times the expenses that were invested in the program. That is why incorporating wellness programs in the culture and operation of a business makes up the necessary choice for their evolution.

It is already well-known that illnesses, are closely related to our daily habits. Following a healthier lifestyle, can prevent serious psychological and physical problems which could have a terrible impact on the efficiency of the employees and by extension to the progression of the company. Relevant studies point out that employees who work in businesses which offer Wellness Corporate Programs have decreased chance to show:

  • Low energy and efficiency levels
  • Focus difficulties
  • Vision problems
  • Musculoskeletal problems
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension and cardiovascular problems
  • Intense psychological fluctuations

These problems normally decrease the performance of the workers and sometimes increase the percentage of their absence from the workplace. To that end it’s not at random that more and more businesses turn to an anthropocentric approach focusing on promoting of Health and Wellness of their staff. Either we have to do with big , global companies like Google or Apple , or with smaller companies that thrive in their sector ,  they have well established similar working models , and their culture is now an example to imitate and a source of inspiration.

We strongly believe that prevention is better than the cure. Therefore, we created for you the Health and physical wellness programs “Heartiness” by Eventure. Together we build a new modern corporate culture aiming to the improvement of the quality of life of your employees, and to the evolution of your company at the same time.