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Make a winning first impression at first glance
Sending out the right messages

The importance of the first impression/ our “image”

In today’s competitive environment, the image we promote is crucial for the success of our business. Everything that describes us, the opinions about us, arise immediately & subconsciously without even a thought. What we wear, projects messages regarding our credibility, our knowledge, our prestige and our success.

We have just 90 seconds to gain the first impression and that depends mostly on our image! Meanwhile, almost always we criticize and be criticized from the first impression, a “first impression” that most of the times lasts for a lifetime.

As soon as we realize this fact, we have already made the first step and we acquire a head start over the rest that have not even thought about it. The second step is to decide the kind of impact we want our presence to have. Let us consider for a while how we want to be seen. Often, we devote lots of time for the marketing of our business but almost no time for…. Our “personal “marketing! Does our personal or our employee’s’/ affiliates’ “brand” align with our business’?

Learn the language of clothes that contributes to dressing with prestige and gain the trust of your affiliates, customers, and personal contacts.

The “image” as a mean of distinction and a competitive advantage

As representatives of your company, appearance & style of your employees/coworkers as well as yours, contribute to the first impression that your organization renders to your contacts. Very often, their image and yours might be a principal factor of distinction from your competition or can assure you a head start in the approach of the businesses you refer to. Besides, being appropriately dressed and having confidence is considered on its own a declaration concerning who you are and which organization you represent. At the same time, it promotes a message with coherence, increases your prestige & credibility of the business and improves characteristics such as efficiency and productivity. At the same time, in social context, it leads to personal growth of the workers of the business and ensures greater acceptance & wider recognition.

It’s therefore a real need to dress appropriately for every occasion and to make a great first impression. The style which suits us in combination with the use of the correct coloring pallet in our wardrobe (according to the coloring characteristics of our skin) , can make us look healthier , younger , more attractive and increases our confidence.

Creating a reliable and authentic impression is complicated and needs a lot of thought. Some people usually find it difficult to balance their individual style with a professional corporate dressing code. Yet with a little bit of thought and planning, we can differentiate and impress for the right reasons.

“Image Consulting” / Personal Branding” by Eventure

Eventure with its programs Image consulting/Personal Branding can contribute with safety to the achievement of your goals.

  • We aid in the development and adaptation of personal dressing code instructions for organizations that help their employees and members to succeed in personal and in professional level.
  • Having excellent comprehension of the business world , we can combine “ business attire “ with thepersonal style of your workers/affiliates , taking into consideration the international fashion trends.
  • All the seminars or workshops that we organize adapt to the specialized needs of every organization or person and are conducted either in groups by creating corporate educational congresses or/and personally (one2one).
  • The procedure of the Executive Image Coaching program starts with the evaluation of the style , the image and the presentation and continues with their reconsideration. We provide you with, image tools, technics, and instructions for the improvement of the personal appearance and the maximization of the professional impact.

We deliver a personalized and individualized strategic effect image plan that is easily sustainable and can be incorporated in every daily routine. It is an excellent program for whomever requires “promoting” himself, be hired & inspire trust or upgrade his image in general.

Give the personalities of your employees the opportunity to shine and be even more punctual with the product, the brand name or your service.