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Event Planning & Education

Going Beyond

 your Expectations


EVENTURE specializes in realization and management of conferences and scientific events, taking care of every aspect, from the composition of the schedules to the successful completion of them.

The consummation of conferences and scientific events is both a demanding venture and a great responsibility for us.

This includes:

    • Careful planning and preparation
    • Appropriate promotion
    • Excellent prosecution
    • Accomplishment of both manifold and customized goals

Our experienced and specialized team will hear you attentively and then offer a full package of suggestions and solutions to ensure that your upcoming event will eventually turn to a nodal scientific event, in accordance with your requests and the goals you have set. We can either be assigned with full responsibility of executing every task or operate in collaboration with the event organizer (taking on supplementary responsibilities).


Experienced In The Field

Our executives’ experience in combination with thorough knowledge of the subject will cover your needs and requests fully.


Right Approach

Our approach to the management of all kinds of activities begins with the understanding on the one hand of any special requirements it may cover and on the other hand of the goals it has. That way we are given the chance to act methodically and deal with your events in the best way, meeting eventually all expectations.

Innovative Ideas

We always suggest the ideal facilities or venues with the use of the most up to date technological and audiovisual equipment. At the same time, we apply innovative and alternative ways of approach in order to maximize the impact of your event or the activities of the organizer.



  • Development of training courses
  • Conduction of educative seminars, webinars
  • Workshops and clinical seminars


  • Organization of the scientific schedule
  • Inviting and assuring participant lecturers
  • Securing the appropriate audience for the conference
  • Choice and reservation for the convention centers, hotels and & restaurants
  • Trips and transportation
  • Communicational and reportorial marketing (for the communication)
  • Press conferences
  • Professional photography and video recording coverage


  • Organization of business events
  • Corporate meetings and luncheons
  • Individualized motivational programs
  • Secretarial support for healthcare companies and associations

We are breaking ground in the event planning field in the Health Area

We create a fascinating life experience for the participants.

Success to us is not just to meet your expectations, but to exceed them.


Asklipiou 26-28, 10680, Athens


Eventure has established and applies a Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015    


Ethical MedTech Trusted Partner 


Guarantee to organize with success any scientific event, conference, educational and training seminars. We strongly believe in individualized approach and presentation for each and every kind of event that we engage in and we aim in accomplishing events of the highest level with experiential qualities, which will add value to our collaborators

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